Father’s Day Is All In The Details!

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Happy Father’s Day Los Angeles!

Just another day until Father’s Day, and we’re asking you, what are you getting for your dad?

Why not a Complete Mobile Auto Detail?  Dad always said take car of your automobile and she’ll take care of you – Why not take care of HIS car for once?

On this Father’s Day, show your dad that you care about him and his vehicle – Purchase him The Detail Medics’ Professional Mobile Auto Detail package.  With your purchase, we’ll come out to Dad’s home or office and make his car shine like the day he drove it off the dealer lot.  Our Complete Mobile Auto Detail package includes both a full interior and a full exterior detail.  With your Interior Detail, Dad will get a complete freshen-up of his car’s insides, including (but not limited to) carpet cleaning, interior shampoo, plastic/vinyl conditioning, leather treatment and disinfecting all surfaces.  On the outside, our Exterior Detail includes a pressure steam wash, clay-bar treatment, compound machine polish, paint restoration, a paste wax to protect Dad’s car’s surface from the sun and finally, tire dressing and a wet gloss application!

Not only that, but we come to your Dad direct!  No more waiting in the car wash, or doing it himself in the hot sun.  We do all the work, in the comfort of Dad’s home or office, ANYWHERE in the greater Los Angeles area.

So give us a call today at (562)719-7974 or Contact Us on our website, and let us Bring Dad’s Car Back To Life!

Happy Father’s Day!!!


Hair Line Scratches? We Can Fix That!

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Summertime…and the livin’s easy.

But not always on your car or truck!

Not only can the hot sun beating down have a deleterious effect on your exterior finish, but the longer hours of daylight make it even more noticeable when your car is in less-than-perfect condition.

And who you gonna call when you need your car looking it’s absolute best?  The Detail Medics of course!

Here in Los Angeles, we spend hours a day in our cars.  Our car is our way of announcing to the world who we are and what we’re about.  So what does a dirty car say about you?  Don’t worry though, The Detail Medics Professional Mobile Auto Detail Package is here to help you show the world that you are a classy and stylish individual, or at the very least, someone who knows how to keep your car looking good.

Last week, we were called in to bring a truck back to life.  This poor vehicle had some hair line scratches on the exterior, so its owner knew to call The Detail Medics, and we’d fix what ails it.  And sure enough, that’s just what we did!  After a complete auto detail, including a pressure steam wash, claybar treatment to address the hair line scratches, tire dressing and an application of a showroom wet gloss to the exterior, as well as conditioning all plastic and vinyl on the interior, we made this car SHINE!  Check out The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail process below:

The Detail Medics details a truck June 2012

So what’s the moral of the story?  They say take good care of your car and it will take good care of you.  Here at The Detail Medics, we truly believe that.  Our team of professional auto detailers will come to you, at your home or office anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, and we will take care of your car.  When your car is looking good, you look good.

The Detail Medics is available to come to you at your home or office anywhere in Los Angeles.  That means we’re available from Crenshaw to Dominguez, from Pasadena to Woodland Hills, from Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles.  Call us today at 562-719-7974 and we’ll come to your home in Encino, or your office in Century City, or maybe we’ll meet you at your friend’s pad in Cerritos, or your cousin’s house in Los Feliz.  Wherever you are, wherever your car needs our help, The Detail Medics will come to you and we will Bring Your Car Back To Life!

Don’t forget – Sunday June 17th is Father’s Day!  Dad always told you to keep your car looking good – What better Father’s Day gift than to make his car sparkle and shine!