What’s The Best Time To Get A Professional Auto Detail?

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The short answer – Now.

The better answer – Anytime.  Really.  We’re not just saying that – Getting a professional auto detail is good for your car, and what better time to do it than anytime.

Getting your car detailed by a professional auto detailer is, quite simply, the smart thing to do.  Your car is an investment.  You put a lot of money into your car, and you want it to not only look its best for you (and everyone you’re trying to impress), but in order to maintain the resale value.  If your car is dirty and disgusting, who’s going to want to pay for it.  Sure, maybe you can find someone desperate to give you a few hundred bucks, but if you want to maximize your investment in your automobile, it’s all about the details.

A complete, thorough, professional auto detail will make sure your car looks its best at all times.  And how often you should do this depends on where you store your car.  If you park outdoors, you should probably get a deep clean and complete detail every three to five months (at the most).  If you park it in a garage, you can probably hold off an extra month, and get it deep cleaned and detailed every four to six months.  The effects of an auto detail are cumulative.

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