The Benefits of A Complete Mobile Auto Detail

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Here at The Detail Medics, we are firm believers in the benefits and advantages of regular auto detailing for your car, truck or SUV.  We know that with periodic washes and details, you will experience the promise of our motto – We Bring Your Car Back To Life.  Here are several reasons why you should contact The Detail Medics and have your car detailed on a routine basis.

  1. Your automobile is an investment.  In most cases, it is a very expensive investment.  And whether you’re planning on running it into the ground, or driving it for a few years and then trading it in, proper upkeep and maintenance is critical to maintain the value of your vehicle.  Just like you wouldn’t let problems with the engine persist, you similarly should not let your interior and exteriors become dirty and disheveled.  When you’re planning to sell your car, the first thing a potential buyer will see is the appearance.  The better it looks, the higher the resale value.
  2. Your car, especially in Los Angeles, is a second home.  And you want your home looking good, don’t you?  In Los Angeles, we spend on average two-three hours in our cars each day.  Do you want to spend that much time surrounded by junk food wrappers, stains and filth, or would you rather be in a clean, good-smelling, serene environment?
  3. Imagine that you’re going on a date.  It’s your first date.  You spend a few hours getting ready – Taking a shower, doing your hair, putting all the finishing touches on your appearance.  And when you show up to pick up your date, you show up in a beat-up looking, dirty old car?  Even the nicest cars look bad dirty – You could be driving a Bentley, but if it’s got hairline scratches, water stains and road grime on the outside, not to mention old burger wrappers and empty soda cans in the interior, you’re not impressing anyone.
  4. When you look good, you feel good.  And when you’re driving in a nice, well-maintained automobile, one that’s been thoroughly washed and meticulously detailed, you’re going to look good.  And when you roll up to that club in Hollywood with your fresh looking ride, or pick up your date in Santa Monica with a car that’s as clean and scrubbed as you yourself, you’re going to look really good.
  5. Not only will regular auto detailing and maintenance increase the resale value of your car, but they’ll save you money too.  A car that has not been well maintained can end up with a cracked or peeling paint.  And if you’ve ever had to get a new paint job on a car before, you know that the money you spend on detailing is far less than what you’ll have to spend on a new paint job.
  6. Safety.  It sounds silly, but a clean car is a safer car.  With a clean vehicle, all lines of sight will be clear and you’ll have maximum visibility.  At The Detail Medics, we guarantee that we leave no swirl marks on any glass surfaces, and your mirrors will be gleaming and perfectly reflective.  In addition, a clean car is more visible to other drivers, decreasing the chances that they will fail to see you.  There’s a reason why insurance companies ask how often you clean your vehicle.

These are just a handful of the many reasons why you should make auto detailing a regular part of your vehicle’s maintenance.  With The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package, we promise you that we will make your car look factory fresh, and give you every reason to return to us regularly.

We know that your time and money are valuable to you, and that’s why we offer an excellent value detail at the convenience of your home or office.  Wherever you are in the Los Angeles area, we will come to you, and make your car, truck or SUV shine!  From Cerritos to Carson, Rolling Hills to Redondo Beach, Beverly Hills to Burbank, The Detail Medics are your partners in maintaining the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  If you’re in Torrance or Temple City, Long Beach or Los Angeles, Hawthorne or Huntington Park, we will be there when you call us.  From Agoura Hills to Whittier, The Detail Medics promises that we will Bring Your Car Back To Life.

Call us today at 562-719-7974 or contact us via our website.  As a special added bonus, we’ll throw in a free machine polishing with EVERY Complete Mobile Auto Detail service.  We look forward to showing you just how great your car can look with the professional detailing services that can only be provided by the skilled technicians of The Detail Medics!

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