Heat Getting Your Car Down?

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It’s hot in Los Angeles this summer.  It’s really really hot.

And the heat doesn’t just get to you.  Just like the hot, baking sun turns you into a different shade, it can have very adverse effects on your automobile’s exterior.  The sun’s rays can basically act as a bleaching agent on your vehicle’s paint job, fading it.  In addition, oxidation is a constant worry, causing your vehicle’s finish to become duller.

But, never fear, The Detail Medics are here!

With The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package, our exterior surface detailing can help protect your car and prevent premature fading and oxidation.  Our first step is to thoroughly wash the exterior of your car, removing surface grime and pollution.  Our professional auto detailers will then apply a clay-bar treatment, to get rid of hard-to-remove contaminants and material damaging to your paint job.

We follow that up with a compound machine polish, removing oxidizing agents, spiderwebs and hair-line scratches.  We apply a restorative agent to your vehicle’s paint job, and then follow that up by hand-applying a paste wax to the surface, which seals and protects your car’s exterior for four to six months.

Just think about it – In 2 short hours, The Detail Medics can make your car look brand new, while protecting it for the future.  All at your home or office anywhere in the city of Los Angeles.  If you’re at the AON building downtown, or Sony Studios in Century City, we’ll come to you and apply our professional mobile services to make your car look shine!

Or maybe you’re more comfortable having us come out to the South Bay, meet you at your house in Palos Verdes.  We’ll come to you there.  Or your apartment in Burbank.  Or the parking lot behind the office building in which you work in Beverly Hills.  Or your restaurant in Santa Monica.

You get the idea.  You tell us where to meet you, and we’ll come out to you, anywhere in the city of Los Angeles, and we’ll show you that our motto is our promise.  We Bring Your Car Back To Life!

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