Not Even The Heat Can Stop The Detail Medics!

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Sure it’s hot in Los Angeles this summer.  Super hot.  Hottest summer on record.  With temperatures in the San Fernando Valley regularly above 100 degrees this August, and the supposedly cool beaches of Santa Monica hitting the 80s and 90s, this has been a hot summer!

But that doesn’t stop The Detail Medics from doing what we do best – Bringing your car back to life.  Even in this scorching LA summer, we’re out there, day after day, making your vehicles look their best with our Professional Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package.  We’re not going to let a little sun get in the way of us doing our job!

We’re out there washing and cleaning and waxing and detailing, and we do it for you at your home or office anywhere in the city of Los Angeles.  From Pasadena to Palos Verdes, from Long Beach to Lakewood, we’ll come to you and make your automobile shine!  No matter the size of your car or truck, whether it’s a compact Honda Civic or a roomy Range Rover, we’re happy to be of service.

And what is it that The Detail Medics do, you ask?  Well, our Complete Professional Mobile Auto Detail Package involves a full-scale interior and exterior detail.  Starting inside, we’ll vacuum your entire interior, including your trunk.  We then shampoo and wash all the fabrics, before applying a disinfectant and cleaning off all the components, such as steering wheel, vents, cup holders, cubbies, etc.

Following that, we we will condition all the plastic and vinyl areas of your vehicle’s interior, and then treat the leather with a special conditioner that protects it from the sun and water damage.  At the end of this process, which takes about two hours, we’ll do one final vacuum to ensure that the interior is clean and dust free.

On the outside, we remove contaminants and cleanse your car with a pressure steam wash, before applying a clay bar treatment to the paint.  Then, we perform a compound machine polish, a process which removes oxidation and hair-line scratches, amongst other imperfections.  The compound machine polish is an essential part of our Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package, as it really plays a key role in maintaining your paint job.  From there, we’ll apply a paste wax, which seals and protects your car from the sun.  Bet you wish you had that on there right now, don’t you?

Finally, we’ll dress your tires, jambs, modling and rims, before adding a showroom wet-gloss shine.  The exterior detail portion of the Complete Mobile Auto Detail takes approximately two hours.

If you opt for the full package of interior and exterior detailing, your car will be in the capable, professional hands of The Detail Medics for approximately four hours total.  That may seem like a long time, but that’s why we do it in the comfort of your home or office.  You’ve got things to do, and while caring for your car is important, we recognize that you’re best served if your car’s maintenance can be taken care of while you’re doing other things.

So call us today at 562-719-7974, or contact us on our website here.  We’ll be there at your convenience in Sherman Oaks.  Or Cerritos.  Or Alhambra.  Wherever you are in Los Angeles, that’s where we can be.

From Agoura Hills to Bell Gardens to Diamond Bar to San Dimas, The Detail Medics is ready to help.  Call us today, and leave the Details to us!