Not Even The Heat Can Stop The Detail Medics!

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Sure it’s hot in Los Angeles this summer.  Super hot.  Hottest summer on record.  With temperatures in the San Fernando Valley regularly above 100 degrees this August, and the supposedly cool beaches of Santa Monica hitting the 80s and 90s, this has been a hot summer!

But that doesn’t stop The Detail Medics from doing what we do best – Bringing your car back to life.  Even in this scorching LA summer, we’re out there, day after day, making your vehicles look their best with our Professional Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package.  We’re not going to let a little sun get in the way of us doing our job!

We’re out there washing and cleaning and waxing and detailing, and we do it for you at your home or office anywhere in the city of Los Angeles.  From Pasadena to Palos Verdes, from Long Beach to Lakewood, we’ll come to you and make your automobile shine!  No matter the size of your car or truck, whether it’s a compact Honda Civic or a roomy Range Rover, we’re happy to be of service.

And what is it that The Detail Medics do, you ask?  Well, our Complete Professional Mobile Auto Detail Package involves a full-scale interior and exterior detail.  Starting inside, we’ll vacuum your entire interior, including your trunk.  We then shampoo and wash all the fabrics, before applying a disinfectant and cleaning off all the components, such as steering wheel, vents, cup holders, cubbies, etc.

Following that, we we will condition all the plastic and vinyl areas of your vehicle’s interior, and then treat the leather with a special conditioner that protects it from the sun and water damage.  At the end of this process, which takes about two hours, we’ll do one final vacuum to ensure that the interior is clean and dust free.

On the outside, we remove contaminants and cleanse your car with a pressure steam wash, before applying a clay bar treatment to the paint.  Then, we perform a compound machine polish, a process which removes oxidation and hair-line scratches, amongst other imperfections.  The compound machine polish is an essential part of our Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package, as it really plays a key role in maintaining your paint job.  From there, we’ll apply a paste wax, which seals and protects your car from the sun.  Bet you wish you had that on there right now, don’t you?

Finally, we’ll dress your tires, jambs, modling and rims, before adding a showroom wet-gloss shine.  The exterior detail portion of the Complete Mobile Auto Detail takes approximately two hours.

If you opt for the full package of interior and exterior detailing, your car will be in the capable, professional hands of The Detail Medics for approximately four hours total.  That may seem like a long time, but that’s why we do it in the comfort of your home or office.  You’ve got things to do, and while caring for your car is important, we recognize that you’re best served if your car’s maintenance can be taken care of while you’re doing other things.

So call us today at 562-719-7974, or contact us on our website here.  We’ll be there at your convenience in Sherman Oaks.  Or Cerritos.  Or Alhambra.  Wherever you are in Los Angeles, that’s where we can be.

From Agoura Hills to Bell Gardens to Diamond Bar to San Dimas, The Detail Medics is ready to help.  Call us today, and leave the Details to us!


Heat Getting Your Car Down?

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It’s hot in Los Angeles this summer.  It’s really really hot.

And the heat doesn’t just get to you.  Just like the hot, baking sun turns you into a different shade, it can have very adverse effects on your automobile’s exterior.  The sun’s rays can basically act as a bleaching agent on your vehicle’s paint job, fading it.  In addition, oxidation is a constant worry, causing your vehicle’s finish to become duller.

But, never fear, The Detail Medics are here!

With The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package, our exterior surface detailing can help protect your car and prevent premature fading and oxidation.  Our first step is to thoroughly wash the exterior of your car, removing surface grime and pollution.  Our professional auto detailers will then apply a clay-bar treatment, to get rid of hard-to-remove contaminants and material damaging to your paint job.

We follow that up with a compound machine polish, removing oxidizing agents, spiderwebs and hair-line scratches.  We apply a restorative agent to your vehicle’s paint job, and then follow that up by hand-applying a paste wax to the surface, which seals and protects your car’s exterior for four to six months.

Just think about it – In 2 short hours, The Detail Medics can make your car look brand new, while protecting it for the future.  All at your home or office anywhere in the city of Los Angeles.  If you’re at the AON building downtown, or Sony Studios in Century City, we’ll come to you and apply our professional mobile services to make your car look shine!

Or maybe you’re more comfortable having us come out to the South Bay, meet you at your house in Palos Verdes.  We’ll come to you there.  Or your apartment in Burbank.  Or the parking lot behind the office building in which you work in Beverly Hills.  Or your restaurant in Santa Monica.

You get the idea.  You tell us where to meet you, and we’ll come out to you, anywhere in the city of Los Angeles, and we’ll show you that our motto is our promise.  We Bring Your Car Back To Life!


The Benefits of A Complete Mobile Auto Detail

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Here at The Detail Medics, we are firm believers in the benefits and advantages of regular auto detailing for your car, truck or SUV.  We know that with periodic washes and details, you will experience the promise of our motto – We Bring Your Car Back To Life.  Here are several reasons why you should contact The Detail Medics and have your car detailed on a routine basis.

  1. Your automobile is an investment.  In most cases, it is a very expensive investment.  And whether you’re planning on running it into the ground, or driving it for a few years and then trading it in, proper upkeep and maintenance is critical to maintain the value of your vehicle.  Just like you wouldn’t let problems with the engine persist, you similarly should not let your interior and exteriors become dirty and disheveled.  When you’re planning to sell your car, the first thing a potential buyer will see is the appearance.  The better it looks, the higher the resale value.
  2. Your car, especially in Los Angeles, is a second home.  And you want your home looking good, don’t you?  In Los Angeles, we spend on average two-three hours in our cars each day.  Do you want to spend that much time surrounded by junk food wrappers, stains and filth, or would you rather be in a clean, good-smelling, serene environment?
  3. Imagine that you’re going on a date.  It’s your first date.  You spend a few hours getting ready – Taking a shower, doing your hair, putting all the finishing touches on your appearance.  And when you show up to pick up your date, you show up in a beat-up looking, dirty old car?  Even the nicest cars look bad dirty – You could be driving a Bentley, but if it’s got hairline scratches, water stains and road grime on the outside, not to mention old burger wrappers and empty soda cans in the interior, you’re not impressing anyone.
  4. When you look good, you feel good.  And when you’re driving in a nice, well-maintained automobile, one that’s been thoroughly washed and meticulously detailed, you’re going to look good.  And when you roll up to that club in Hollywood with your fresh looking ride, or pick up your date in Santa Monica with a car that’s as clean and scrubbed as you yourself, you’re going to look really good.
  5. Not only will regular auto detailing and maintenance increase the resale value of your car, but they’ll save you money too.  A car that has not been well maintained can end up with a cracked or peeling paint.  And if you’ve ever had to get a new paint job on a car before, you know that the money you spend on detailing is far less than what you’ll have to spend on a new paint job.
  6. Safety.  It sounds silly, but a clean car is a safer car.  With a clean vehicle, all lines of sight will be clear and you’ll have maximum visibility.  At The Detail Medics, we guarantee that we leave no swirl marks on any glass surfaces, and your mirrors will be gleaming and perfectly reflective.  In addition, a clean car is more visible to other drivers, decreasing the chances that they will fail to see you.  There’s a reason why insurance companies ask how often you clean your vehicle.

These are just a handful of the many reasons why you should make auto detailing a regular part of your vehicle’s maintenance.  With The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package, we promise you that we will make your car look factory fresh, and give you every reason to return to us regularly.

We know that your time and money are valuable to you, and that’s why we offer an excellent value detail at the convenience of your home or office.  Wherever you are in the Los Angeles area, we will come to you, and make your car, truck or SUV shine!  From Cerritos to Carson, Rolling Hills to Redondo Beach, Beverly Hills to Burbank, The Detail Medics are your partners in maintaining the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  If you’re in Torrance or Temple City, Long Beach or Los Angeles, Hawthorne or Huntington Park, we will be there when you call us.  From Agoura Hills to Whittier, The Detail Medics promises that we will Bring Your Car Back To Life.

Call us today at 562-719-7974 or contact us via our website.  As a special added bonus, we’ll throw in a free machine polishing with EVERY Complete Mobile Auto Detail service.  We look forward to showing you just how great your car can look with the professional detailing services that can only be provided by the skilled technicians of The Detail Medics!


Every Day Is All About The Details!

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Happy (belated) Fourth of July, Los Angeles!

We here at The Detail Medics hope that your BBQ was delicious, your fireworks were festive and most especially, your car looked great.  But if it’s not looking it’s best, you know who to call – The Detail Medics!  After all, We Bring Your Car Back To Life.

Once again, The Detail Medics were brought in to make an automobile sparkle and shine.  This time it was one of our regulars, whose Escalade hasn’t had a wash in a couple of months.  As you can see from the picture below, there was some serious dirt build-up on this bad boy:

Escalade Before The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail Package

But never fear, The Detail Medics are here, and with our Complete Professional Mobile Auto Detail, we’re able to restore this car to it’s factory shine.  We performed our standard Interior/Exterior Detail on this car, and threw in a water droplet removal as well (to deal with sprinkler droplets).  As you can see below, it looked like a whole new car after The Detail Medics got to it:

Escalade After The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail

All in all, it was a good day for this Escalade. And if you live in Los Angeles, or any of the surrounding areas, such as Long Beach, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Studio City, North Hills, Crenshaw, Westlake, Santa Monica or Carson (to name just a few of the cities that we service), it can be a good day for your car too! The Detail Medics are a completely mobile operation; we come to you, wherever you are in the greater Los Angeles area, and we make your car factory fresh again. So call us today at 562-719-7974 to schedule an appointment, or Contact Us on our website. We are The Detail Medics, and our motto is our promise – We Bring Your Car Back To Life.


What’s The Best Time To Get A Professional Auto Detail?

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The short answer – Now.

The better answer – Anytime.  Really.  We’re not just saying that – Getting a professional auto detail is good for your car, and what better time to do it than anytime.

Getting your car detailed by a professional auto detailer is, quite simply, the smart thing to do.  Your car is an investment.  You put a lot of money into your car, and you want it to not only look its best for you (and everyone you’re trying to impress), but in order to maintain the resale value.  If your car is dirty and disgusting, who’s going to want to pay for it.  Sure, maybe you can find someone desperate to give you a few hundred bucks, but if you want to maximize your investment in your automobile, it’s all about the details.

A complete, thorough, professional auto detail will make sure your car looks its best at all times.  And how often you should do this depends on where you store your car.  If you park outdoors, you should probably get a deep clean and complete detail every three to five months (at the most).  If you park it in a garage, you can probably hold off an extra month, and get it deep cleaned and detailed every four to six months.  The effects of an auto detail are cumulative.

And of course, if you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, you can call on The Detail Medics and we’ll be there To Bring Your Car Back To Life at your home or office.  We come to you, from Northridge to Manhattan Beach, from Torrance to Studio City, from Glendora to Carson.  And we provide the best service in the industry.  But don’t believe us – Check out our Testimonials for the details about our Details.

So call us today at 562-719-7974 to schedule an appointment.  If your automobile is dirty, do it and yourself a favor, and let us Bring Your Car Back To Life!


Father’s Day Is All In The Details!

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Happy Father’s Day Los Angeles!

Just another day until Father’s Day, and we’re asking you, what are you getting for your dad?

Why not a Complete Mobile Auto Detail?  Dad always said take car of your automobile and she’ll take care of you – Why not take care of HIS car for once?

On this Father’s Day, show your dad that you care about him and his vehicle – Purchase him The Detail Medics’ Professional Mobile Auto Detail package.  With your purchase, we’ll come out to Dad’s home or office and make his car shine like the day he drove it off the dealer lot.  Our Complete Mobile Auto Detail package includes both a full interior and a full exterior detail.  With your Interior Detail, Dad will get a complete freshen-up of his car’s insides, including (but not limited to) carpet cleaning, interior shampoo, plastic/vinyl conditioning, leather treatment and disinfecting all surfaces.  On the outside, our Exterior Detail includes a pressure steam wash, clay-bar treatment, compound machine polish, paint restoration, a paste wax to protect Dad’s car’s surface from the sun and finally, tire dressing and a wet gloss application!

Not only that, but we come to your Dad direct!  No more waiting in the car wash, or doing it himself in the hot sun.  We do all the work, in the comfort of Dad’s home or office, ANYWHERE in the greater Los Angeles area.

So give us a call today at (562)719-7974 or Contact Us on our website, and let us Bring Dad’s Car Back To Life!

Happy Father’s Day!!!


Hair Line Scratches? We Can Fix That!

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Summertime…and the livin’s easy.

But not always on your car or truck!

Not only can the hot sun beating down have a deleterious effect on your exterior finish, but the longer hours of daylight make it even more noticeable when your car is in less-than-perfect condition.

And who you gonna call when you need your car looking it’s absolute best?  The Detail Medics of course!

Here in Los Angeles, we spend hours a day in our cars.  Our car is our way of announcing to the world who we are and what we’re about.  So what does a dirty car say about you?  Don’t worry though, The Detail Medics Professional Mobile Auto Detail Package is here to help you show the world that you are a classy and stylish individual, or at the very least, someone who knows how to keep your car looking good.

Last week, we were called in to bring a truck back to life.  This poor vehicle had some hair line scratches on the exterior, so its owner knew to call The Detail Medics, and we’d fix what ails it.  And sure enough, that’s just what we did!  After a complete auto detail, including a pressure steam wash, claybar treatment to address the hair line scratches, tire dressing and an application of a showroom wet gloss to the exterior, as well as conditioning all plastic and vinyl on the interior, we made this car SHINE!  Check out The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail process below:

The Detail Medics details a truck June 2012

So what’s the moral of the story?  They say take good care of your car and it will take good care of you.  Here at The Detail Medics, we truly believe that.  Our team of professional auto detailers will come to you, at your home or office anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, and we will take care of your car.  When your car is looking good, you look good.

The Detail Medics is available to come to you at your home or office anywhere in Los Angeles.  That means we’re available from Crenshaw to Dominguez, from Pasadena to Woodland Hills, from Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles.  Call us today at 562-719-7974 and we’ll come to your home in Encino, or your office in Century City, or maybe we’ll meet you at your friend’s pad in Cerritos, or your cousin’s house in Los Feliz.  Wherever you are, wherever your car needs our help, The Detail Medics will come to you and we will Bring Your Car Back To Life!

Don’t forget – Sunday June 17th is Father’s Day!  Dad always told you to keep your car looking good – What better Father’s Day gift than to make his car sparkle and shine!


Where Do You Want Your Detail Today?

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Good afternoon Los Angeles!

What a beautiful day it is in sunny Southern California.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping…oh, wait, what’s that?  That bird just did a number on my paint job!!

Your car is too important to you to let that go.  Face it, in Los Angeles, image is everything, and the first image most people get of you in LA is your car.  It’s what you step out of when you hit the clubs, it’s what you pick your date up in, and it’s how you take your prospective clients to that important business lunch.  Would you show up to a big date, or a big client presentation with a shabby old suit that hasn’t been washed in months and scuffed shoes that have never been polished?

No, of course not.  So why are you treating your car like a second-class citizen?  Your car’s just as important to your image as the clothes you wear, the way you style your hair, heck, even your hygiene.  You don’t leave the house without bathing, right?  So why does your automobile smell like last week’s McDonald’s run?

The Detail Medics are here to help.  Call us today at (562)719-7974 and schedule an appointment for us to come to you, in your home or office, and let us bring your car back to life.  Or, Contact Us directly on our website, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  Our highly skilled and higly trained professional auto detailers will make your car look like a million bucks.  We take pride in our work, and we want you to see what a Complete Mobile Auto Detail really means.

We are available to come to you at your home or place of business all over the greater Los Angeles area.  Call us today from San Pedro, and we’ll be there.  Or maybe you’re in San Dimas, or Santa Monica.  Or Duarte.  Or Pasadena.  Or Bellflower, Claremont, Glendale or Pomona.  We serve Los Angeles A to W, from Agoura Hills to Whittier; from Santa Clarita in the north to Palos Verdes in the south; and from Pomona east to Redondo Beach!

So to keep your car shiny and your image intact, call The Detail Medics today!


It’s a Beautiful Day in Los Angeles!

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What better time to get your car detailed?!

The sun is shining, the weather is great, and you want to make the best impression on everyone around you. You can’t do that with a dirty car!

So call The Detail Medics today at 562-719-7974, and we’ll come to you in your home (or office, but we hope you’re not in your office on a beautiful Saturday like today) and BRING YOUR CAR BACK TO LIFE!

Anywhere in Los Angeles, we’ll come to you and give your car the professional wash and detailing service it deserves. If you’re in Van Nuys or Valencia, Bevery Hills or Baldwin Park, Long Beach or Lomita, Palmdale or Pomona, The Detail Medics Complete Mobile Auto Detail Professionals will come to you!

And don’t forget – $20 off any Complete Mobile Auto Detail for the month of April!


Another Day, Another Car Brought Back to Life!

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Hello all you car enthusiasts out there!  Hello to everyone who appreciates a good, well maintained automobile!  Hello to all those out there who know that the best way to keep your car in great shape, is with a good, quality, professional auto detail, performed by the people who know how best to maintain your car.  And you know, no one does it better than The Detail Medics!  Wherever you are in Los Angeles, we come to you with our mobile auto detail center, and bring your car back to life!!

Just last week, we were brought in to rescue a poor truck’s paint job.  The owner took his beautiful automobile out to Gorman for some off-roading, and ended up getting stuck in the mud.  The entire car was covered in mud when we showed up, and the paint job was in serious jeopardy.  But, never fear, The Detail Medics are here!  With just one session of our Complete Mobile Auto Detail package, all the mud was removed and this truck was GLEAMING!  Check it out!

 Truck After Detail April 2012
As you can see, we made sure this truck sparkled!  And we’ll do the same for your vehicle, with our mobile car wash and complete auto detail package.  We’ll remove the dirt and grime, wax the exterior, detail the interior and apply professional treatments to ensure that your car looks its best, day or night, rain or shine!

Anywhere in Los Angeles, we come to you.  From Cerritos to Century City, Beverly Hills to Bellflower, Sylmar to Santa Monica, The Detail Medics comes to your home or office and performs our high-quality, professional mobile auto detailing.  If you’re in West Los Angeles or West Hollywood, Redondo Beach or Rolling Hills, Long Beach or Lomita, Palmdale or Pasadena, we will be there for your vehicle.  There is NO extra charge for our travel within Los Angeles.  And remember, mention our website and receive $20 off ANY Professional Complete Mobile Auto Detail package for the month of April!

The Detail Medics – Here for you, everyday, to BRING YOUR CAR BACK TO LIFE!

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